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That learning and the formation of memory is beneficial appears logical to us. But does it make sense

to store all memories unlimited or is advantageous to also forget memories?

While one could assume that "forgetting" is a passive process, that simply occurs comparable to 

aging or decay it is becoming increasingly clearer that forgetting is a highly regulated active biological

process. The SynaptiX RTD addresses how forgetting works from a Systems Biology perspective.

2017 StarOmics workshop "Systemsbiology of the brain"

11-12 September 2017, University of Friborug


2015 StarOmics workshop "Systemsbiology of the brain"

24-25 August 2015, University of Friborug


2015 SynaptiX RTD meeting

30 March, pavillion vert Fribourg


2nd internation SystemX.ch Conference on Systems Biology in retrospect

Lausanne 20-23 October 2015

SynaptiX RTD project presentation by Simon Sprecher



Vergessen bring Vorteile bei der Fruchtfliege 

Unipress, das wissenschaftliche Magazin der Universität Bern. Nr. 160, 2015


Blick am Abend, 3. Juni 2014



SynaptiX RTD Kick off meeting

13. Juni 2013, pavillon vert, University of Fribourg

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