SynaptiX organisation



A wide and integrative understanding of how a complex process such as forgetting is controlled depends upon a interdisciplinary research team. The SynaptiX project team studies complementing aspects of this outstanding and largely unexplored phenomenon. While we have an intiutive understanding why it makes sense to learn and form memories it is less clear what the reason is why these memories are again forgotten. An overaching theme and goal of SynaptiX is to provide a theoretical framework, which allows us to understand the benefits of forgetting (headed by Prof. Walter Senn, University of Bern).  

The molecular, genetic and biochemical mechanisms of learning and formation of memories is widely pioneered by the use of genetic animal models such as the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster.  Extensive reserach in the last two decades have identified neural circuits, genes controlling synaptic placitiy for short-term memory or long-term memory (STM and LTM) aquisition, consolidation and retrieval.